Cosmetic Containers is a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Cosmetic Containers, Cosmetic Container, Cosmetic Bottles with a factory in Taiwan. We supply and export consistently high class products and continually improve upon the manufacturing processes and work environment through total employee involvement and strict adherence to fair business ethics. We have gained several patents in the field. Our sincerity and hard work has helped us to match our quality with international standards. If you are interested in any styles of our products, please feel free to contact us.
Our policy is to achieve customers' satisfaction both by providing them with high level

Cosmetic Containers

and services that meet or exceed their expectation. It is our force to manufacture products to suit the exact requirement of our client ranging from small industries to manufacturing units.

We are one of the top grade companies that supply and trade an enormous range of Cosmetic Containers to fulfill the demands of our customers. These containers as a main force in the industry, according to statistics of the largest container trading site industry container, domestic manufacturers of this product close more than one thousand. Product performance can be seen, the future make-up of environmentally friendly green bottle demand will keep rising. Glass cosmetic bottles cosmetic bottles compared to the plastic material is more competitive in this field market.
The Cosmetic Containers are a way for gas and the outside temperature isolation of the container or container cut off from external bacteria. Now in the market we can see what a wide array of cosmetics, of course, there will be many with matching containers. From the material point of view: glass bottles, plastic bottles, PET bottles. From the production process: the injection bottles, bottle blow molding. From the product point of view: washing packing Cream packaging. We have due to our focus on quality of products, customization, process and service levels, and our highly skilled service.    Tel: +886-4-12344321    Fax: +886-4-12344321    Address: Changhua, 台湾, Taiwan
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